10 home design trends to ditch in 2015

Blog 1What we have learned in home trends for 2015

Home design trends may come and go, but homeowners are always looking for inexpensive, easy ways to increase their property's value. Some of those trends can translate into bigger bucks when it comes time to sell a home, while others can actually drag value down.

Part of figuring out whether to change a design element involves predicting what potential buyers might want down the line, while also considering the needs and tastes of the people who live there today. It's a balancing act for almost every homeowner's budget. The risk? That some design decisions make your home look dated before its time. We researched which trends to resist and where to put your renovation dollars instead.

Here are 10 trends the professionals say homeowners have steer clear of in 2015.

Number 1: The Kitchen Deck

This was a trend in large kitchens for many years. The kitchen desk was thought to be useful for homeowners for organization of paper. People used the space for storing cookbooks, making telephone calls and paying the bills. For many home owner this just became a cluttered area. Many home do not have a home phone and iPads and computers are where people get their recipes. Replace the desk with: Counter space you will actually use, and more kitchen storage.