10 home design trends to ditch in 2015

blog 8What we have learned in home trends for 2015 Cont. #8

Here are trends the professionals say homeowners have steered clear of in 2015.

Brass Hardware:

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to update your home in a hurry is by changing out or adding hardware in the kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners don't need any expertise -- just a small budget and a screwdriver.

Brass hardware is one design element that could use some updating. To replace brass hardware or other knobs, be sure to choose a size that will cover the "footprint" of whatever is currently installed. Some cabinet such as cherry change color over time and you do not want to have your changes be obvious. Door knobs are also a quick and easy upgrade with a big effect.

Another easy fix is to replace the old vanity light with something more current. Of course brass faucets and shower surrounds should be replaced with newer styles and finishes that don't scream 1980 something!

Replace it with: Brushed or satin nickel hardware.