Panelized Building Kits


It is common when considering your build is to ask the question….”what is your cost per square foot”?  This is because the building industry commonly quotes prices per square foot of building area.  When people ask this, they are usually referring to the entire completed project. Think of our panelized building kits as the bones of a skeleton. The panelized building kit must have all the finishing components to be a complete build. These finishing components is the variance in your total cost per square foot. Premier Home Kits is commonly asked for our cost per square foot, however, we don't arrive at our prices by the square foot. We enter the total wall length, number of windows and so on into our proprietary software program. In turn, it generates the price for that specific panelized building kit. We find that our system provides better pricing for our customers and better cost control. We are proud of our prices and that's why we publish our price list on our website.

Home Building Costs


Again, the PMHI panelized building kit is only a small part of the total building cost. On average our building kits are about 25% - 35% of the total building cost. Actual building costs can vary depending upon building site specifics. For example, snow loads and building on sloping lots will increase building costs. This estimate doesn't include land, utilities, site work, landscaping or building fees.

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Contractor Referrals


While some of our customers build the complete home themselves, most operate as an owner-managers. They hire licensed subcontractors to do the work they've chosen not to do themselves.

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